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The 15th Edition of the Japanese Pharmacopoeia (JP) was promulgated by Ministerial Notification No.

285 of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare (MHLW) on March 31, 2006.

In July 2006, the Committee on JP established the basic principles for the preparation of the JP 16th Edition, setting out the roles and characteristics of the JP,the definite measures for the revision, and the date of the revision.

Principles of JP

At the Committee, the five basic principles of JP, which we refer to as the ``five pillars'', were estab-

lished as follows: 1) Including all drugs which are important from the viewpoint of health care and medical treatment; 2) Making qualitative improvement by introducing the latest science and technology; 3) Promoting internationalization; 4) Making prompt partial revision as necessary and facilitating smooth administrative operation; and 5) Ensuring transparency regarding the revision, and disseminating the JP to the public. It was agreed that the Committee on JP should make efforts, on the basis of these principles, to ensure that the JP is used more effectively in the fields of health care and medical treatment by taking appropriate measurements, including getting the understanding and cooperation of other parties concerned.

JP Expert Committees

The target date for the publication of JP 16th Edition (the Japanese edition) was set as April 2011.

JP Expert Committees are organized with the following panels: Panel on the Principles of Revisions;

Sub-committee on the Principles of Revisions; Panel on Medicinal Chemicals; Panel on Antibiotics; Panel on Biologicals; Panel on Crude Drugs; Panel on Pharmaceutical Excipients; Panel on Physico-Chemical Methods; Panel on Preparations; Panel on Physical Methods; Panel on Biological Tests; Panel on Nomenclature; Panel on International Harmonization; Panel on Pharmaceutical Water; and Panel on Reference Standards. Furthermore, working groups are established under the Panel on Physico-Chemical Methods, Panel on Preparations and Panel on Biological Tests to expedite discussion on revision drafts.

Revision Frequency

In addition to the regular revision every five years in line with the basic principles for the preparation of the JP it was agreed that partial revision should be done as necessary to take account of recent progress of science and in the interests of international harmonization.

Content of the JP 16th Edition

In consequence of this revision, the JP 16th Edition carries 1764 articles, owing to the addition of 106 articles and the deletion of 15 articles.

Related Information

1. The official name of this pharmacopoeia is 第十六改正日本薬局方, and may be abbreviated as 日

局十六, 日局16, JP XVI or JP 16.

2. The English name of this pharmacopoeia is The Japanese Pharmacopoeia, Sixteenth Edition.